My Opinion: Article “The question about Georgia’s election-law changes that has only one answer: Why?”

By Mary Kelly No comments


The law should not have changed. This article explains the suppression law the best….It is not really about water. It is more about removing the secretary of state as a voting member of the State Election Board. With the heavily Republican legislature choosing the head of that body who can now replace county-level election administrators, there will be NO official on the board elected by the people. Instead they will be appointed. This takes away rights of voters.

If the new system had been in place in November 2020, the five-person State Election Board could have been led by a supposedly “nonpartisan” official chosen by Republican lawmakers. (But all “nonpartisans” are really partisan, I say.) The board could have removed election administrators in heavily Democratic counties and replaced them with ones more amenable to the one who lost in 2020 and in that, they themselves would have committed fraud in hand-picking election administrators to disenfranchise voters. This new law gives the legislature more power to affect election results, and that is the real potential fraud.

It is also not about voter id for absentee ballots. Georgia already had voter id rules. It puts more restrictions on times to request and mail/deliver the ballots….and other things that make it more difficult to actually vote absentee…..and this is a serious problem for me, because I vote absentee. And it will be unfairly harder on other people who are more confined to home because of disability or who have transportation issues.

It should be noted that there are many people living in Georgia who have transportation issues. There are not buses or reliable transportation means for people who do not have vehicles in and around Waycross where I live, and it is worse in a lot of other places in Georgia.

Bottom line, Republican states are trying to suppress the vote, because they are scared they can’t win fairly! And they can’t win if they pick the likes of the last president. GEORGIA WENT FIRST TO SUPPRESS THE VOTE!