President Biden & stuttering

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President Biden grew up as a child with the disability of stuttering. It bothers me that so many people who must be ignorant of disabilities label him as mentally incompetent. The intelligence of stutters (like the intelligence of many people with various disabilities) is actually much higher than the average person. I saw this up front and close over my 30 years teaching and working with students of various ages, 11 to 90+. “That’s the word from psychologist Nils Lind, who conducted an intensive, six-year study of 5,500 men, woman and children and found that stutterers outscore normal people on intelligence tests by an average of 22 points.” Further “Historians confirm that brilliant scientists like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell stuttered. And recent studies show that 62 percent of the world’s wealthiest men and woman, as well as 48 percent of college professors, stutter, too. “We’re not entirely sure what makes stutterers more intelligent but there is some evidence to indicate that people stutter because they think faster and more deeply than people who speak normally,” said Lind. “The stuttering comes about because thoughts are being generated so quickly that their speaking apparatus becomes overloaded.”” Source: Haddad, S. (2009, October 16). STUTTERERS ARE SMARTER. Weekly World News.…/stutterers-are-smarter/

Another thing some on the right have done (FOX news) is to link Biden’s tripping three times as he was going up the stairs to an airplane to his mental capacity. That, again, shows a lack of knowledge. He never really regained his footing with the first trip and kept going. He should have stopped, gained his footing, then proceeded up the steps. Don’t they realize he broke his foot a short while back. It is probably still in a weakened condition. I know how it is to break something. I broke my hip at age 59, and recovered remarkedly well, so my doctor said. He said he never had anyone back at work after just two weeks (which I did though using a walker) and bouncing back so quickly. I was in super good shape then as I worked out daily. But I have never totally recovered and have to move slower and more methodically than I did before the break, because on the occasions when I did not, I tripped and fell – twice. But my mind is actually just as strong and alert as a lot of people in their 20s…..and I know it is because I just recently was awarded an MBA and had a 3.9 grade average….and the course work was a lot more work and some of it a lot more difficult than the work in the two masters’ degrees that I got in my 20s and 30s. So based on my knowledge of my own mind and of the minds of my students over the years, Biden’s mind is working just fine. He can handle the job…..He may not make two terms, but for now, he is not letting his disability of stuttering stop him…..and he is certainly not letting the people making fun of him bring him down.

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Mary Kelly