This site is a supplement to my real estate company (Kelly Property Expert) site. This is where I post all of my commentaries, reviews, books, and articles that I write – some of which are public and open for anyone to read and view – and some of which need passwords.

So as to not duplicate what is on my Kelly Property Expert site, which is used totally for conducting my day to day real estate activities, I am linking the two sites back and forth.

In addition to being the owner/broker/ REALTOR of Kelly Property Expert, I am also a writer – and maybe still a teacher. I say ‘maybe still a teacher,’ because I am not currently teaching at this time but I may teach again some day. I really do not have the time to teach right now. I believe as most teachers believe that once a teacher, we are always a teacher.

In addition to my real estate career, I am currently trying to finish a third master’s degree. If all goes well, I will graduate with an MBA (with an emphasis in International Business & Management) the end of February 2021. My first two masters’ degrees (in which I focused on general business, marketing, & computer science) were completed in the late 70’s and early 80’s. That feels like a lifetime ago! For now, I am totally enjoying being a student and updating my knowledge!

Over my lifetime, I have bounced around somewhat in my jobs and in various locations. I held positions in private industry and in education (mostly in public technical and community colleges). I also have had more than one job at the time. For example, in the 90s, I was teaching full-time for Palm Beach Community College in Lake Worth, Florida, teaching part-time for Palm Beach Atlantic University in downtown West Palm Beach, conducting training sessions as a computer consultant in various companies and organizations in the West Palm area, travelling and doing college level computer application seminars for a textbook publisher, writing my own books, and writing some instructor guides for a couple of publishers. In addition, the 90s is when I got into real estate, but as a landlord. (I did not get my real estate sales associate’s license until July 2000.)

I don’t work as hard now or as many hours per week as I once did, but I am still working at the age of 68. And I guess my brain is still working pretty well! I currently have a 3.9 average in my work at Amberton University, and I have completed almost all of my coursework. I was trying to earn a 4.0, but I messed up in one class and made a ‘B’ in entrepreneurship of all things. At Amberton, it is necessary to have a 92 average in a course to get an A. In all other courses I have ever taken or taught, the minimum average score for an A was 90. If it were a 90 at Amberton, I would have straight A’s. Now, the pressure is off, though. That is the up side of blowing the 4.0. Now, I am not worried about my my average.

Because I am doing so much research in my classes at Amberton and because I am also in the process of writing a real estate book (that I think it is actually going to end up being three separate books), I decided it was time for me to have a place to store a bunch of sources of information and a place to store my writings. Thus was born the Kelly Library Club – A collection of information (

The Library Club site is not going to be a static site. I am going to constantly be adding to it. So if you have an interest in any of the topics on here, check back frequently.

The topics will continuously change, but my format will probably remain the same. Comments on blog postings are welcome!

Thanks for reading!

Mary Kelly, Blog Administrator